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Code Enforcement

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Courtesy Reminders for Summer and Winter

Winter: Snow Removal

Shoveling our walks and driveways is especially critical in high traffic routes such as walkways to schools, churches and commercial areas. Often forgotten are areas where a fence, hedge, ditch or other barrier separates us from adjacent streets, yet is still the abutting property owner’s responsibility.

From the City standpoint, we’re anxious for your success, even to the point of helping motivate you. The kindly and motivating ordinance, specifically code 14.32.100 states:

It is unlawful for the owner, occupant, lessor or agent of property abutting on a paved sidewalk to fail to remove or cause to be removed from such paved sidewalk and any existing curb ramp all hail, snow or sleet falling thereon, within one hour after the hail, snow or sleet has ceased falling, provided that in case of a storm ending between the hours of 5:00pm and 6:00am, the sidewalk and any existing curb ramp shall be cleaned before 8:00 am the morning following the storm.

It goes on to give ramifications of NOT doing so which includes a possible $30 per day penalty after the deadline has passed. Remember that from November 1 thru April 1, it is illegal to park on the street if snow accumulates to more than one inch (not on lawns, but on the street) to allow snowplows to do their work 

Summer: Weeds and Grass

Uncontrolled weeds and overgrown grass represent a nuisance and a fire hazard to you, your land and building, and to your neighbors.  The City issues hundreds of Notices of Violations to property owners who violated the nuisance ordinance and/or fire code by not controlling weeds and grass on their property.  

As a property owner or occupant, it is your responsibility to ensure your land is in compliance with the law throughout the year.  Please “Cut your Risk – Cut your Grass and Weeds” and keep your property free of junk, trash, unregistered or inoperable vehicles or anything “not intended for outdoor use.”  

HOLLADAY MUNICIPAL CODE 9.60.020 STATES THAT, “Weeds shall not be permitted to reach a height of more than 6 inches at any time, and shall be cleared from all real property in the city.”

No matter the size of your property, your individual effort is important to maintaining a safe and beautiful community.  Your attention to this is appreciated.  Please understand that first time offenders can be cited and be issued a Notice of Violation.  Repeat offenders, or those who fail to comply with the notice will be prosecuted through the court system.   

You may verify legality of concerns by clicking City Codes and searching for topic as indicated.

If you have any questions, please contact Officer Doug Brewer in the City of Holladay Code Enforcement Department at (801) 527-3890 or (801) 718-0559 (cell)