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Public Works

Canals/Ditches | Snow Removal

Public WorksIf you have an emergency with flooding, please dial 911. If you have concerns with water or canal issues call Tosh Kano at 801-244-6103.


Most of the functions known as "public works" will be contracted with Salt Lake County. These include snow plowing, and streets-including paving, lighting, painting of stripes and other markings. Since the city contracts for these services, if you have questions or difficulties you can call either the city office or the county department for emergencies.

If you have complaints or concerns with any of the above items, please call Tosh Kano at the city office at 272-9450 or at 801-244-6103

If you notice a stop or road sign down or traffic signal not working and it is after hours or on the weekend, call 385-468-6101 (24 hours a day).