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New Fire Station



Preliminary Concept Plan for Fire Station - These are the preliminary site plans and renderings for the new fire station located at 2210 East Murray Holladay Rd (across from Olympus Jr. High). The Planning Commission held a Public Hearing on June 26th at 7:00 pm on the Conceptual site plan. 

New  Holladay Fire Station 
By Clarence Kemp, PE, City Engineer

 The existing Holladay Fire Station (UFA Station #104) plays a vital emergency services role in the protection of Holladay residents.  The existing structure is approximately 5,500 square feet including truck bays, offices, and living quarters for firemen.  It is a one-story, non-reinforced brick masonry building constructed approximately 60 years ago.  Soil borings confirm that it was constructed on a landfill. 

 In recent years, exterior bearing wall cracking has become an increasing concern.  Inspections by the Salt Lake County Building Department in 2003 resulted in the recommendations for limited occupancy and the construction of a temporary pre-fabricated building on the site to safely house fire fighters.  That “temporary” structure is still in use nearly 10 years later!

 With the creation of the Unified Fire Authority (UFA) in Salt Lake Valley, fiscal responsibility for the fire station was inherited by the City of Holladay.  In early 2009, a follow-up structural and code inspection was conducted by the Holladay City Building Department  That report indicated the observed wall cracking was getting progressively worse as settlement continues.    It also stated that the existing station is at risk of catastrophic collapse in the event of an earthquake.  Such an event, of course, would occur at a time of critical need for fire station equipment and personnel. 

 The City has pursued funding options for a new fire station over the past several years, with little success in this challenging economic environment.  However, we were recently able to refinance the existing City Hall bond at a lower interest rate to fund the new fire station without an additional tax burden to our residents. 

 The new fire station will be located on Murray-Holladay Road on the property located across the street from Olympus Junior High School. This property was donated to the City by Salt Lake County with a requirement that the property could only be used for a public use.  

 Earlier this year, the City reviewed proposals from 11 architectural firms for the design of the new station. Based on those proposals and follow-up interviews, the firm of ASWN-JSA (THINK) was selected to design the new station. The design has been completed and construction of the new fire station is moving quickly. It was designed to serve our community for at least the next 50 years. It is currently expected that construction will be completed by late fall of 2013.