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Holladay now owns the Big Cottonwood Tanner Ditch System

The City of Holladay has assumed ownership of the Big Cottonwood Tanner Ditch system in the southern area of the city. 

The Big Cottonwood Tanner Ditch Company ended the Company’s use of the ditches for flood irrigation after October 15, 2012. The company has converted to using pressurize culinary water under an Exchange Agreement with Salt Lake City. 

Holladay’s ownership will ensure that the ditches remain open and operational as they are used for storm drainage. 

As was the case prior, no physical changes to the ditches are permitted, other than as permitted in writing by the City. Contact the Community Development Dept at 801-527-3890 for details. 

Holladay and the Big and Little Cottonwood Tanner Ditch Companies are discussing operation and maintenance of the ditches going forward. The details will be worked out prior the start of the irrigation season in April of 2013. 

Holladay is working with the various entities to keep water flowing in the ditches, which is an amenity most enjoy and want to continue. Salt Lake City will allow the use of excess spring runoff water at no cost. 

Map of the ditches - due to size it may take a few minutes to load