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Transparent Government

Transparent GovernmentState transparency website - a website dedicated to the transparency and accountability of government finances. 

The Utah Public Finance Website (UPFW) requires all local entities to publish financial reports. To view the City of Holladay's financial reports, please visit the UPFW website and select the City of Holladay.


 10-point Transparency Checklist*:

  1. City Taxes and Fees
  2. City Budget
  3. City Leader Contact Information:
    Mayor Dahle, City Council
  4. City Administrator Contact Information
  5. Archive of past city council meetings
  6. Financial Audits
  7. Contracts that the city has to outside organizations and private businesses
  8. Lobbying Organizations in which the City is involved
    1. Paid Lobbyists
    • Note: The financial dues for the ULCT and lobbyist’s fees are disclosed in the itemized transactions [5] and in the financial budget[6].
  9. Instructions on how to obtain public information
  10. "How to" information on obtaining building permits.