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Highland Drive Master Plan

Adopted Highland Dr. Master Plan. - April 2014

Adopted RO Zone - April 2014

Highland Drive Master Plan

Since the City incorporated in 1999, Highland Dr. has been on our Transportation Master Plan as a Primary Arterial street and that is defined as a min. width of 80 ft. and a max width of 106 feet.  By stating in the HDMP that Highland Drive should be 80 feet wide, we are not widening, we are saying we want it on the smaller size of the already existing size stated in the Transportation Master Plan. If you want to see the difference in the road width, in front of Prophet Elias Church that is what a 106 feet road width looks like, when the County required the full width.

The first iteration of the Highland Drive Master Plan was adopted over 18 months ago and is in place today.  We are fine tuning things that some didn’t like in the original version.  Regarding Segment B – it allows no new commercial whatsoever, with the exception of the new Residential Office (RO) Zone. There is existing commercial on certain corners and those property owners have vested property rights. 

The corner of 5600 South on the west side has been zoned Residential Multifamily (R-M) since the 1960’s, predating Holladay by at least a generation.  That zoning allows apartment use, office use and assisted living.  The previous owners of the property were proposing a multi-story apartment building, for which they could have gotten a building permit over-the-counter to do, because it is a permitted use.  The project that has gone in there is one of the lowest traffic generators that there is because the residents don’t have cars. And it is a residential use.  The former use that was there, medical office, is one of the highest trip generators and was a commercial use. So we have gone from high-traffic commercial use to low-traffic residential use on that site. Yes, it is high-density residential, but that use has always been allowed on that site, which could have also been apartments or two-story medial office.

As to the new RO zone, the current HDMP draft says if our primary desired use of residential, which we want to encourage, is not feasible, then Residential Office can be applied for. There are examples of rundown homes on small lots that should have been rebuilt in the last 30 yrs but haven’t. They are rundown and many used as rentals. They are detracting from property values and will not be rebuilt as single-family homes fronting Highland Dr, because it is a busy four-lane road.  We think we can encourage those to be converted to low impact office use and we are limiting those uses to professional-type offices. 

There are some already examples of these in Holladay, look at the law offices and dental lab on Holladay Boulevard south of the Village. We are including protections that include the same setbacks and height regulations as the surrounding residential area.

If residential can’t be worked out, we allow applying for RO Zone. Applicants can only build a new office building if they can convenience both the Planning Commission and City Council that residential can’t function on the site.  New buildings are limited to no more than 3,500 sq ft, and low impact uses. Design has to go through the Design Review Board before it can be approved and is required to be compatible with the surrounding homes. Setbacks are the same as the surrounding residential area and height is capped at 35 feet, five feet less than the R-1-21 Residential Zone.

Finally, the HDMP, like every Master Plan or General Plan document, is advisory in nature. It serves only to provide guidance to the City and public in terms of future development and does not convey any rights or rezone anything.

What the Highland Drive Master Plan Does and Doesn’t Do


Rezone anything. The Highland Drive Master Plan (HDMP) is an Appendix to the City’s General Plan. Zoning is controlled by ordinance and is designed to implement the General Plan. The General Plan and its Master Plan Appendices are advisory in nature and are nonbinding. The General Plan is used to evaluate requests when property owners apply for rezoning.

Widen Highland Drive. The Holladay Road Classification Plan, since incorporation in 1999, has always shown Highland Drive as a Principal Arterial Road, defined as having a width of 80-106 feet.  The HDMP states that Highland Drive should be at 80 feet, the minimum width for a Principal Arterial

Does not add commercial uses.  There are existing areas of commercial zoning that have been in place on Highland Drive for decades. Between Arbor Lane and Van Winkle, the HDMP recommends that existing commercially zoned properties be rezoned to the less-intensive Neighborhood Commercial Zone. No new commercial zoning is added.

Does not add “high-density” residential.  Only single family and duplex re-zoning are contemplated, no new multifamily residential is permitted.


Does recommend smaller lot sizes from the existing up-to-one-acre lots on Highland Drive, going to one-third acre (R-1-15), Quarter-acre (R-1-10), to fifth-acre (R-1-8) single family residential, in order of preference, before allowing duplexes (R-2-8) and where residential doesn’t work at all, it allows applications for rezoning to Residential Office. No other commercial uses are allowed.

The HDMP envisions a new Residential Office Zone that would allow conversion of existing homes that cannot be used as residential for low-impact professional offices. New construction in the RO Zone is limited to 3,500 sq ft and 35 feet tall with the same setbacks as residential zoning. Design would have to be compatible with the surrounding residential area as determined by the Planning Commission after review by the Design Review Board. 

Please continue to scroll down for more background information on the history of the HDMP.


Highland Dr Master Plan - August 2013 - This is a proposed amendment to the adopted master plan for the Highland Drive area.  It would modify its long term scope and perspective.

The City Council adopted the Highland Drive Corridor Master Plan on the February 16, 2012 - Click here to view the adpted Master Plan.

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