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City Government

City Council Chambers

  • Mayor
    Mayor Robert Dahle.. Information about the role of the city of Holladay's Mayor as well as how to schedule an appointment with the Mayor. If you haven't had the opportunity to meet the mayor, get to know more about him. Mayor Dahle welcomes your input on city matters and would love to hear from you.
  • City Council Members
    The City Council meets the 1st & 3rd Thursday of every month. The public is invited to attend. Want to know what is on the Council agenda? Did you miss a meeting and want to see the minutes? Now that information is at your fingertips. All you need is Adobe acrobat to view the minutes.
  • City Manager
    The City Manager acts as the chief executive officer of the City. He manages all aspects of the administrative functions of the City.
  • Elections
    Information regarding deadlines for filing, campaign guidelines, Voter identification requirements, Campaign Finance Forms, Candidates Guide, Precinct Map
  • Boards & Commissions
    The city of Holladay has several boards and commissions, including the Redevelopment Agency, Planning Commission, Bicycle Advisory Committee, as well as the Holladay Arts Council.
  • Transparent Government
    10-point transparency check-list that establishes a basic standard for information that any transparent city government should have on its website.