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  • Building Permit ProcessBuilding Permit Process
    City Ordinances require a permit before you erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, improve, remove, convert, or demolish any building. Before you do any of the preceding, review this material. If you have any questions, contact us.
  • Business Licenses
    The City of Holladay requires that a valid business license be held by anyone conducting business in Holladay. “Business” means and includes every craft, trade, occupation, profession or activity pursued for gain or profit. Non-profit, charitable, governmental and insurance agencies are also required to obtain a business license although they may be exempt from license fees. State business licenses are required for certain businesses such as massage therapy, beauticians, contractors, etc. You can contact the Utah Department of Licensing to see if your profession requires a state license.
  • Code Enforcement
    If you are a property owner or occupant, it’s is your responsibility to ensure that your land is in compliance with the law throughout the year. PLEASE “CUT YOUR RISK – Cut your Grass and Weeds” and then remove any waste from your property. During the winter, it is your responsibility to make sure the snow is shovelled, especially on the side-walks in front of your house.
  • Community Development
    The Community Development staff functions as the liaison between developers, citizens and other agencies in long-range and immediate planning to meet the General Plan and City Code in all aspects of development within the city. The staff also coordinates other City departments’ review of projects as they are submitted. The staff also provides direct staff assistance to the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment.
  • Applications and FormsApplications and Forms
    Here are electronic versions of all forms the City has available. All forms are in PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat program to view the forms.
  • Justice Court
    The Court has jurisdiction to hear all Class "B" and Class "C" misdemeanors and Infractions occurring within the boundaries of the City of Holladay. The Court also hears small claims matters arising in Holladay. The jurisdictional limit for small claims is $10,000.
  • Recorder
    If you want to speak to the City Council, run for Election, submit a GRAMA request and more, you need to contact the City Recorder.
  • Budget & City Finances
    Information about Adopted Budgets, General Fund,Captial Fund, Debt Service Fund, RDA, Charts of Expenses & Revenues and more.
  • City Maps
    Review the current street map of the city (PDF). Review an interactive map of the the city zoning information. Also, review the US Census Bureau interactive map with the latest polling information updated frequently.
  • Administrative Services
    Do you want to find out about the upcoming election and the process? The Recorder's office is where to go if you want information on minutes, GRAMA requests, records management and much more. Starting up a new business? This is the section for you. Curious about the city's budget and tax information. All that is now available for you to review.
  • Employment Opportunities
    The City of Holladay's employment openings and job opportunites are listed here.