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City Council Members

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Sabrina Petersen- District 1
4646 Holly Ln
Holladay UT 84117


Term Expires: January 2018

District One boundaries begin at the corner of Highland Drive and Holladay Boulevard.  South on Holladay Boulevard to Lincoln Lane, east on Lincoln Lane to Albright, south on Albright to 4500 South, east on 4500 South to Aspen Hollow, south on Aspen Hollow to 4505, west on 4505 to Wallace, south on Wallace to Apple Blossom, west to Peach Street, south on Peach Street to Kentucky, west on Kentucky to Wander Lane, south on Wander Lane to Valley View to Holladay Boulevard, north to Murray Holladay, west to Highland, north to Holladay Boulevard.  



Lynn Pace– District 2
2386 Olympus Dr
Holladay UT  84124

Term Expires: January 2016

District Two boundaries begin at the corner of Highland Drive along 39th South to 2700 East, South to 4500 South, West along 4500 South to Albright then North to Lincoln Lane, west on Lincoln Lane to Holladay Boulevard then North to Highland Drive, and north to 3900 South.     



Patricia Pignanelli - DIstrict 3
4873 Yorktown Dr
Holladay UT  84117

Term Expires: January 2018

Education: Westminster College of Salt Lake: Bachelor of Science and Masters of Education:  Continuing education at University of Utah, BYU and Utah State University.
Professional employment: Educator and administrator in public and private elementary and early childhood schools including Head Start.   
Community service: positions in various art councils, education organizations and community affiliations.
Current Holladay representative for: Mount Olympus Senior Citizens Center, South Salt Lake Mosquito Abatement, Salt Lake Community Action Program, Holladay Youth Council, Holladay Tree Committee, and Education Task Force.  Organized knitting and fitness groups in Holladay.
Interests include: business and economic development, arts, travel, reading, cooking and hiking.

Married to Frank Nicolo Pignanelli: 3 children, 7 grandchildren    

District Three boundaries begin at the corner of Highland Drive and Murray Holladay Road, south on Highland to 5600 South, west on 5600 South to VanWinkle, north on VaWinkle to 1300 East, north on 1300 East to Murray Holladay Road, east on Murray Holladay Road to Highland Drive.  


Steven H. Gunn - District 4
4515 S 2995 E
Holladay UT  84117

Term Expires January 2016

Steve Gunn has resided in Holladay with his wife, Ginger, since 1993.  They have four adult children. Steve was raised in East Millcreek and attended Olympus High School followed by the University of Utah.  He practiced law in Salt Lake City until his retirement in August 2011. During thirty-six of his thirty-eight years of practice he was associated with the law firm of Ray Quinney & Nebeker.   During the decade 1989 to 1999 he served as a part-time instructor at the BYU Law School.  He has also served on the Alumni and the Emeritus Alumni Boards of the University of Utah.  Steve doesn't speak computer and asks for the patience of those who do

District Four  boundaries begin at the corner of Highland Drive and Murray Holladay Road, east to Holladay Boulevard, Holladay Boulevard south to Valley View, east on Valley View to Wander Lane, north to Kentucky, east on Kentucky to Peach Street, North on Peach Street to Apple Blossom, east on Apple Blossom to Wallace, north on Wallace to 4505 South to Aspen Hollow,  Aspen Hollow north to 4500 South,  4500 South east to I-215, south along I-215 to Casto Lane, west on Casto Lane to Holladay Boulevard, south on Holladay Boulevard to Hillsden along Hillsden to Walker Lane, Walker Lane to Highland Drive, north on Highland Drive to Murray Holladay Road.  


J. James Palmer, Jr. – District 5
2633 E 6200 S
Holladay UT  84121

Term Expires: January 2016

A fourth-generation Holladay native, Jim attended local public schools at Oakwood Elementary, Bonneville Jr., and Cottonwood High. After earning a Master's degree in Economics, Jim and his wife Terry moved to California, where he was a financial analyst for the Federal Reserve Bank. He's worked for American Express, Zions Bank, and more recently Internet startup and consulting firms. Jim and Terry returned to Holladay to raise their three children in the 1920 Cottonwood home built by Jim's great-grandfather, Oscar W. Moyle. Jim is a business person, currently managing an investment firm

District Five boundaries begin at the corner of Highland Dr and Walker Ln, running south along Highland Drive to 5600 South then west on Van Winkle thence south to I-215.  East along I-215 to 6200 S, southeast along 6200 South to 300 E, thence south along 3000 E to the southern boundary of Canyon Cove, thence east along the southern boundary to the eastern boundary of Canyon Cove.  North along that eastern boundary to the northern boundary of Canyon Cove thence along that boundary to Wasatch Blvd., thence north along Wasatch Blvd. to I-215 .  


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