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City of Holladay Annexation Policy & Map

Adopted Annexation Study for Proposed Annexation- September 2013

Annexation Update - February 2014

Two recent meetings regarding the proposed annexation issue have been held by Salt Lake County; one for the Millcreek Township Planning Commission to consider the matter and make a recommendation to the Salt Lake County Council, and, the second by the County Council to vote on whether or not to protest the annexation. Click here to continue reading the latest update (this article appears in the February issue of the Valley Journals)

On Thursday, Dec. 5 the City Council adopted a Resolution acknowledging the receipt of certification on annexation petitions for the proposed Olympus Hills annexation. 

Resolution 2013-33

Notice of accpetance 

Annexation Petition Process


Annexation Proposal - May 2013

The City has received inquiry and a request for petition to annex approximately 400 acres into the Holladay City limits.

This group of private citizens are proposing to have the City Council approve the annexation of property generally described as the area bounded by 3900 S, 2700 E, 1-215 and 4430 S (4500 S).

By law the City Council can only consider approving the annexation if a majority of property owners sign a petition requesting such action. 

Please contact the sponsor, John Bradshaw for further information regarding how it will affect you, the pros and cons and any other questions you may have.

John Bradshaw –

Facebook – Citizens for Holladay

Link to Notice of Intent & Map

Link to Holladay City Fact Sheet

Link to Annexation Process