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Budget & City Finances

 BudgetCity of Holladay Budget


On June 5 the City Council adopted the final budgets for the 2014-15 fiscal year.  Please feel free to contact Randy Fitts, City Manager with any questions. These budgets are now available:

2014-15 Adopted Budgets (the four budgets are all included in this spreadsheet)


Budget Message 2014
Randy Fitts, City Manager

In June, the City Council approved the 2014-2015 fiscal year budgets. Once again, as in the past 14 years, the budget does not include any tax increases. Holladay has never raised our property tax since we incorporated in 1999. With the completion of several new developments within the City, we are slowly beginning to see a rise in revenue.

We also saw increases in cost of services for our public safety sector. Unified Police and Unified Fire, as well as Animal Control, all had increases. The same was true of our Public Works contract. We are also seeing a pent up demand of public works project needs. The public safety portion of our budget alone is $5,971,344 representing 44% of the general fund budget.

There were no new hires or additional City staff in the budget. To accomplish all of the daily activities and requirements of operating the city government with such a lean staff is often challenging. We are proud of our outstanding employees and their willingness to go above their assigned jobs to ensure that the City runs efficiently with lowest possible cost to residents.

On a very positive note, it has been announced that Smith’s Food and Drug Store is coming to the Cottonwood mall site in the very near future. We expect that this is the beginning of  many more exciting announcements and the eventual construction of the Cottonwood mall site; a long awaited event for the City of Holladay.  Click here for charts

A few capital improvement projects that we are working on this year include:

  • Renovation and expansion of the City Hall Park in back of the City Hall. This Land and Water Conservation Funded (LWCF) project includes demolition of the old fire station, expansion of the ball fields, a new efficient irrigation system, playground equipment, etc.
  • Additional parking lot north of City Hall (nearly complete)
  • Completion the landscaping in front of City Hall
  • Bike lanes throughout the City. This project is funded through the Federal Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) with matching funds from Salt Lake County.





2013 Audit Information & Reports
2012-13 June Budget Amendments

ADOPTED 2013-14 Budgets
On June 20, 2013 the City Council adopted the final budget for the City of Holladay

General Fund
Capital Improvement Fund
Debt Service Fund

2013 Continuing Disclosure
Continuing Disclosure Memorandum
Summary of Debt Structure and Financial Information SEC Rule 15c2–12
For City of Holladay, Utah
Filed with Electronic Municipal Market Access (“EMMA”)

Budget Info from Prior Years
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