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Budget & City Finances

 BudgetCity of Holladay Budget


The City of Holladay hereby gives notice that the Audit for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2014 is completed and was presented and reviewed during the February 5, 2015 City Council Meeting.  The Report was verified by Osborne Robbins & Buhler Certified Public Accountants. The Audit is available for review by the public in the office of the City Recorder, located at 4580 S 2300 E, Holladay City during regular business hours.

Holladay City Financials

Manangement Letter




2014-15 Adopted Budgets (the four budgets are all included in this spreadsheet)
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2013 Audit Information & Reports
2012-13 June Budget Amendments

ADOPTED 2013-14 Budgets
On June 20, 2013 the City Council adopted the final budget for the City of Holladay

General Fund
Capital Improvement Fund
Debt Service Fund

2013 Continuing Disclosure
Continuing Disclosure Memorandum
Summary of Debt Structure and Financial Information SEC Rule 15c2–12
For City of Holladay, Utah
Filed with Electronic Municipal Market Access (“EMMA”)

Budget Info from Prior Years
2008 - 2013