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Budget & City Finances


2015 Audit Report

Holladay City Financials

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The City Council adopted the Budgets were adopted on June 18, 2015 - click here to view the budgets

2015 Budget Charts - 
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City Manager's Budget Message
by Randy Fitts

With 2015 marking the 15th anniversary year of the City of Holladay's incorporation, we approached the 2015-2016 budget preparation with a goal to continue our tradition of fiscal conservatism and cost conscious operational practices. In terms of dollars and cents, the adopted budget essentially answers three questions: 1) What fiscal resources do we have in reserve? 2) How much will the City's revenue sources generate this year? and 3) What are the City's essential service, capital improvement, and operational costs? After answering these questions, the City has successfully managed a balance budget, yet fiscal conditions remain tight.

The City anticipates that a combination of property, personal property, municipal energy, and motor fuel taxes will generate about $11.2 million dollars of its projected revenue. However, tax dollars alone will not cover the $14.4 million dollars in service, operational and administrative costs. The City continues to negotiate some of the lowest rates for law enforcement and fire protection in the Salt Lake Valley, but contract costs for these essential services continue to rise.

Holladay does produce some additional revenue from licenses, permits, courts, and grants, however, for the first time in several years, the City has need to draw from its reserve funds to fill the gap between the projected 2015-2016 revenues and expenses. Despite these challenges, the 2015-2016 budgets, as in years past, will not require any increases in property taxes. The City has also implemented a hiring freeze for the coming year to help keep costs down. The Holladay City Council and staff remain committed to finding ways to make tax dollars go further without need for increasing taxes.



The City of Holladay would like to assure you that the certified property tax rate has NOT increased; in fact it has steadily decreased since Holladay incorporated. The reason for the higher property taxes is the increased property valuation. If you wish to appeal your property valuation you should call 468-3999 or visit

Other Important Numbers: 
Salt Lake County Assessor - 468-3050
Salt Lake County Auditor - 468-3381
Salt Lake County Tax Administration - 468-3645
Salt Lake County Treasurer - 468-3400



2014 Audit Report

Holladay City Financials

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2014-15 Adopted Budgets (the four budgets are all included in this spreadsheet)

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