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About Holladay

  • A-Z ServicesA-Z Directory in and around Holladay
    Many services are provided by the City, while other services are provided by Salt Lake County, Utah State, or other local governmental entities. The goal of this section is to help you find what you are looking for, even if the City of Holladay is not responsible for the services. Please let us know if we do not have the correct link of an outside source, and as always, the city of Holladay is not responsible for content on external sites.
  • City Offices
    Do you wonder if you are in Holladay or where City Hall is located? If so then the city offices page is for you. Find out the boundaries and how to contact the city.
  • Directory
    City of Holladay Telephone and Email Directory
  • City Map
    Review the current  map of the city (PDF).  For other interactive maps, see the Mapping & GiS
  • City History
    If you want to learn more about Holladay's namesake and see Holladay as it was, visit city history. Here you will find pictures and a brief background of Holladay.
  • City Information & EventsCalendar
    Upcoming Events in Holladay, with notices and links to regularly scheduled meetings as well as special events such as the Bicycle Committee, Recycling, and of the course the Holladay Arts Committee.
  • Community Events
    Holladay is filled with wonderful events and happenings.  These events are not sponsored or produced by the City of Holladay, but featured on our website to make you aware of all that's happening in Holladay.
  • Community
    If you need to find the library, schools, recreation or other community issues. Visit the community section and get the information on the latest community events and how to contact other local agencies in the City.
  • Employment Opportunites
    The City of Holladay's job openings and employment opportunites will be listed here.

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