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Landfill Vouchers
Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling District has extended their landfill voucher program throughout the year. Vouchers are good for one load of green waste or bulk material from residential properties within the District. They will be available at the city offices year round

Holladay City Trees





Check out this video about Holladay done by a local land developer.





Information from the State Division of Wildlife Resources on ways to minimize browsing damage by deer



Did you know Glass is naturally 100% recyclable forever?

We are proud to continue offering our residents a glass recycling collection location, however we do have one major change. PLEASE remember to NOT dispose of your plastic or paper bags or cardboard boxes in the “glass only” bins. We do have a bin for the disposal of paper or cardboard sitting next to the glass recycling bins for your convenience. Thank you for helping to make Holladay’s recycling project a success!

Recycling bins are located in the parking lot south of City Hall. 

  •       DO RINSE all bottles and jars. REMOVE metal lids. Paper labels are OK.
  •       DON’T INCLUDE drinking glasses or window glass, light bulbs, mirrors or ceramics.  
  •       DO PLACE LOOSE in recycling bin. NO BAGS or boxes PLEASE!!!pic of broken glass

The glass will be processed by Glass Recycling Group, turned into a sand called cullet and used to make fiberglass insulation. The City hopes our residents will join in our efforts to recycle. With your help, more and more glass can be recycled -- saving valuable landfill space, natural resources and energy for a better environment for Holladay today and tomorrow.





Bicycle SignHolladay Bicycle Advisory Committee

he Holladay Bicycle Advisory Committee (HBAC) consists of dedicated residents and City employees working together to make Holladay a safer and friendlier community for bicycling.  Residents serve on the HBAC on a volunteer basis.  Activities include a monthly meeting to discuss bicycling issues and organizing events for Bike Week in early May.  

All persons interested in making Holladay more bicycle friendly are invited to attend and participate. For additional information, or if you would like to serve on the HBAC, feel free to contact the HBAC’s chair, John Haggoth at 801-274-1016.