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Phone & Email Directory

To Email a member of the staff please use first initial last name @

To Email the Justice Court -



Email Address & Phone Number

 Rob Dahle Mayor

Lynn Pace Council Member – District 2
Sabrina Petersen Council Member – District 1

Steve Gunn Council Member – District 4

Patricia Pignanelli Council Member - District 3
Mark Stewart Council Member - District 5
Staff can be reached by calling 272-9450** see note below
Gina Chamness City Manager  
Todd Godfrey City Attorney 801- 272-8998 
Fred Wunderli Treasurer  
Tosh Kano Public Works/Streets 801-244-6103
Diane Burandt Finance Officer 801-527-2455
Stephanie Carlson City Recorder 801-527-2454
Michele Bohling Events Coordinator  Room Rentals 801-527-2457
Jacquie Milner Morning Receptionist  
Karen Royer Afternoon Receptionist  
Bart Barton Maintenance 801-699-6364
Planning Department - 527-3890
Paul Allred Community Development Dir  
Jon Teerlink Planner I and GIS  
Meagan Booth Assoc. Planner  
Doug Brewer Code Enforcement Officer 801-718-0559
Shantel Marsell Business Licensing  
Justice Court - 273-9731
 Augustus Chin Justice Court Judge  
Kaylynn Olsen Lead Court Clerk
Lisa Richardson Court Clerk  
Candice Lopez Court Clerk  
Angela Hummer PT Court Clerk  

** To Email a member of the staff please use first initial last name @
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